•  Agriculture and forestry are an integral part of Southside and Southwest Virginia and the Alleghany Highland’s economy and heritage. Virginia’s agriculture industry is by far the largest industry in the Commonwealth, generating $82 billion annually and providing more than 381,800 jobs. It is also the largest private industry in the Ninth Congressional District.
  • I believe the tradition of hunting and fishing is a part of Virginia’s rich heritage and was proud to support an amendment to recognize it as such in the Virginia Constitution while I was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. I recognize the need to preserve hunting and fishing as one of the great traditions of this nation. It should be done in a manner that meets the highest standards of ethics and sportsmanship.
  • We must preserve and protect the health and vitality of this industry and avoid unnecessary and burdensome regulations that are not based on sound science or have failed to undergo comprehensive economic impact studies.
  • I believe in the importance of thorough and accurate information relating to food and reasonable food safety regulations.
  • Member of multiple agriculture related caucuses, including: the Dairy Farmer Caucus, the Chicken Caucus, and Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus.

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