Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 5.24.19

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On the last Monday of May, Americans remember those brave men and women who died defending our country. We honor all Americans who fell in battle on Memorial Day, but this year it also falls close to an important anniversary of a great battle. Seventy-five years ago, on June 6, Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in France to bring about the liberation of Western Europe and the final def... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 5.20.19

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Robocalls Have you received an unsolicited call recently from a number that looked familiar? If so, you are far from alone. Robocalls increasingly plague our cell phones. They leave us unsure about who is calling and what is a legitimate call. Sometimes they trick those who pick up into sending money or divulging sensitive information. At the very least, they are annoying. Many of you have told me... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 5.13.19

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As a Congressman, most of my reading consists of bills and material to prepare for hearings and other responsibilities. But events in Washington as of late have me thinking of a few novels. A bill the House Democrat majority passed reminded me of George Orwell’s 1984. One of the key ideas in Orwell’s book is “doublespeak.” For example, the Party in control of the novel’s totalitarian state uses th... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 5.6.19

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Socialist ideas are enjoying an unfortunate resurgence in our political debates. The United States is not a pure free-market economy, but we generally look toward the private sector to create wealth, innovate, and increase living standards for all. Proposals such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal would radically shift the country toward government control and redefine the relationship bet... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 4.29.19

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For a country to maintain economic leadership in the world, it must continually create, innovate, and improve in the technology sector. The United States remains at the cutting edge in many fields. Several recent news items show that our region, in fact, is where some exciting developments are taking place. As an example, you may have heard by now that commercial drone deliveries will soon be an o... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 4.19.19

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The world watched on April 15 as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned. No one was killed in the blaze, but the cathedral’s spire collapsed, and the wooden interior was consumed. The damage was calamitous. People across the world expressed their sorrow and have contributed to the rebuilding effort. The flames have been extinguished, but it is still worth considering how an accidental fire in one bu... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 4.15.19

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In February, I wrote in this column about a series of hearings that were planned in the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. The Subcommittee, on which I serve, wanted to launch an in-depth examination of rising insulin prices. Insulin is a necessity for millions of Americans suffering from diabetes, and soaring prices are a hardship for them. We have... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 4.8.19

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The men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces are among the finest our nation has to offer. It is essential that we provide them with the best equipment and supplies available. In Shakespeare’s Richard III, the king famously laments, “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” He loses a battle, his realm, and his life because he lacks a horse at the pivotal moment. We cannot allow our libe... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 4.1.19

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When not in Washington, D.C., voting in the U.S. House of Representatives during March, I was able to visit several sites where exciting research projects are underway. Previously, I wrote about some of them at Virginia Tech. More recently, I visited a farm site where scientific accomplishments once seemingly from the realm of a futuristic novel promise to make a difference in our daily lives. You... Read more »

Congressman Griffith's Weekly E-Newsletter 3.22.19

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During the recent congressional district work period, I had a chance to spend some time at Virginia Tech. While on campus, I met with some of the talented people who work and study there and heard firsthand about their important research and development projects. Some of their work promises great benefits for the economy and the quality of life, both here in Virginia and across the country. My fir... Read more »

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