Griffith Statement on Omnibus Appropriations Legislation

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement on the omnibus appropriations legislation funding the Federal Government for the rest of fiscal year 2021:

“As a supporter of more relief in response to the coronavirus pandemic, I consistently urged congressional leadership to keep any relief package separate from any omnibus appropriations bill to fund the Federal Government. Omnibuses tend to be bloated, filled with unrelated provisions, and cobbled together in backrooms with little time for Members of Congress to read them, much less understand their provisions. They are a terrible way to exercise Congress’ power of the purse.

“The omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2021 is the longest bill I’ve been asked to vote on in Congress. It was split into two parts running nearly 5,600 pages. The first totaled roughly 500 pages and included funding for the military and border security, including the border wall. I read this part and found its spending to be largely reasonable, so I voted for it.

“The second part containing the remaining 5,000 pages, while reportedly including some provisions I support, also reportedly featured far too many items that have no place in a spending bill. Members of Congress had only a few hours to read and analyze this overstuffed monstrosity. As I have pledged to the constituents of the Ninth District, I will not vote for a bill I have not read in its entirety. I voted no.

“I continue to believe Americans need help in the face of the pandemic, and I know most of my colleagues agree. Legislation that would provide help would likely pass Congress easily, and there is no good reason to tie it to the overall omnibus bill.”


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