• I believe that Congress has a responsibility to the American people to rein in wasteful and excessive spending. Currently, the national debt is more than $21 trillion. High debt means a future of high interest, high inflation, and low jobs. We cannot sustain this path.
  • My generation elected the officials who made the decisions to excessively spend and borrow.  My generation received whatever benefits were had from all the spending. Therefore, my generation of political leaders has an obligation to solve the nation’s debt problem and not simply pass the burden onto our children and grandchildren.


  • Supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which would control spending by prohibiting the Federal Government from spending more than it receives in revenues. Virginia and many other states already operate under similar guidelines.
  • Co-sponsored H. J. Res. 1 and H. J. Res. 2 in the 115th Congress, which would require that Congress not spend more than it receives in revenues, require the President to submit a balanced budget to Congress, and require a 3/5 majority vote to increase the national debt limit. I voted in support of H. J. Res 2, which was brought to the House floor for a vote in April 2018, but unfortunately it did not pass.
  • Original co-sponsor of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which would direct the Government Accountability Office to conduct a complete audit of the Fed within one year of the bill becoming law.
  • Original co-sponsor of the Agency Accountability Act, which would direct all fines, fees, penalties, and other unappropriated proceeds to the Treasury, making them subject to the appropriations process. This legislation would reinstate Congress’s proper oversight and funding role by bringing these funds under Congressional appropriation.
  • Led an effort to change the rules of the House of Representatives to give Members of the House the ability to offer amendments on the floor to cut the amount of money an agency could receive, the number of employees the U.S. government or its agencies could have, and the amount of money that could be paid to an employee of the U.S. government. It is impossible to get serious about cutting spending and setting priorities in Washington when our own rules prevent us from doing so. This rule was passed for both years of the 115th Congress but was not renewed by the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrat majority.

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