• Congress must provide the long-term predictability that states need to undertake major construction projects. The short-term extensions to the highway transportation law have been necessary to keep current projects running.  However, comprehensive transportation legislation is needed.
  • I believe states need to be provided more flexibility and regulatory certainty to determine their own unique infrastructure priorities, including highways, bridges, tunnels, economic development sites, recreational trials, and walking and bicycling paths.
  • The safety of our nation’s highways and bridges must be improved. Among other things, a finalized transportation plan must encourage private investment through public-private partnerships so that we can use the least amount of taxpayer dollars and accelerate the construction of priority projects.


  • Co-sponsored the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act, which would block the EPA’s attempts to regulate modified motor vehicles used for racing and outlaw the modification of street vehicles into race-only vehicles. This bill protects automobile racing, which has a strong presence in the Ninth District including but not limited to the Martinsville and Bristol Speedways, the Motor Mile, and Rural Retreat.
  • Opposes certain NAFTA long-haul trucking provisions. For instance, foreign truck drivers have less incentive to pay traffic fines they receive on U.S. highways. A comprehensive record of a foreign truck driver’s safety violations can be difficult to obtain. Finally, unfamiliarity with local terrain (like our hills and mountains) can lead to more accidents and increased frustration.

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