• The goal of tax legislation should be to let hard-working Americans keep more of their money, stimulate economic growth, and encourage hiring and investment here.

• The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted in December 2017, significantly improved upon the old tax code. It lowered rates for most individuals, got rid of many loopholes, and encouraged businesses to bring back money from overseas.

• The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been good for American jobs and pocketbooks. Any new tax legislation should build on this success, including making the recent tax cuts for middle-class families permanent.


  • Voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017.

  • Encouraged the tax reform conference committee to retain the Historic Tax Credit, which benefits the economy of some of our older towns and cities. The credit was retained. For this, I was recognized as a “Historic Tax Credit Champion” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • Original cosponsor of Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act (H.R. 23) which rescinds certain unobligated amounts made available to the Internal Revenue Service by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 for (1) its enforcement activities and operations support, (2) the efile tax return system, and (3) funding the U.S. Tax Court and certain Department of the Treasury tax agencies. This bill passed the House of Representatives in January 2023.
  • Original cosponsor of Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act (H.R. 3206), which would repeal the inclusion of any Social Security or tier I railroad retirement benefits in gross income for income tax purposes.

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